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Look for Me in Rainbows - Single


Tor's heartfelt and gentle ballad “Look for Me in Rainbows” is currently available on all digital music platforms via Hedgehog Music.


The single has reached the Top 10 on various digital music charts including iTunes Netherlands where it reached #1 and Amazon Music UK where it reached #7.

Gunstorm - Mini Album

In collaboration with Mark Sheeky, this mini album of pop songs is also the soundtrack to video game “Gunstorm 2”.


Having previously been an Amazon best seller, the album has been re-released on gaming platform Steam via Cornutopia Music.


The End and the Beginning -Album


Also in collaboration with Mark Sheeky, the concept album “The End and the Beginning” released via Cornutopia Music.


The album reached the Top20 on the Amazon album charts.

The Reflection - Album

#RadioSingles - Mini Album

Don't Wanna Lose You - Single

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